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Archiv für Molluskenkunde is an international, ISI-ranked journal publishing in English, and the oldest malacological journal still in existence. To mark our 150th volume, and to encourage more submissions, we have taken 3 steps to make the journal more accessible.

1) Articles will now become free to download after 4 years. Currently, almost all articles published 2006–2017 are available for free, but we hope to extend that further back.
2) We offer authors the option to make an article open access immediately upon publication. The charge is €1500 for up to 30 printed pages; please ask for a quotation for longer articles.
3) Additionally, one article per issue will be chosen by the editors to be free to download until the next issue appears.

Although Archiv mostly publishes systematics and morphology (including Cenozoic fossils), we would like more submissions about ecology and behaviour (but not physiology, parasitology or short faunistic notes).

Please also consider subscribing. This costs €68 per year for two issues. Alternatively, by joining the Deutsche Malakozoologische Gesellschaft (the German Malacological Society) you can receive Archiv at a reduced rate, and also receive their Mitteilungen (another high-quality journal).

For further details see:
1) the Schweizerbart website (to download articles):
2) the Senckenberg website (more info on the journal):
3) a recent editorial summarising the journal's worldwide authorship and the new access arrangments:
4) the home page of the Deutsche Malakozoologische Gesellschaft:

John Hutchinson, Heike Reise, Katrin Schniebs, Julia Sigwart